Bhabanipur Bypoll 2021 | Prestige fight begins in Bhabanipur, the whole country is watching Mamata-Priyanka fight

#Kolkata: At the beginning of his political career, Rajiv Gandhi sent him to represent him on an unequal battlefield. No one thought that he would be able to snatch victory against a leader like Somnath Chatterjee. But she, Mamata Banerjee proves, the difficult situation means she will fight to the ground, snatch victory. After that incident at the Jadavpur center in 1984, a lot of water flowed through the Ganges, and the definition of enemy-ally has somehow changed. He has been the Chief Minister of the state three times, but Mamata’s fight continues today. Today he is the candidate for Bhabanipur Bypoll (Bhabanipur Bypoll 2021). Fight with BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal. In the prestige fight, Mamata is asking for votes from all levels of Mini India. Now let’s see how Bhabanipur responds to his call.

The results of the state assembly polls were released on May 2. Trinamool came to power with 213 seats. According to political terms, Mamata Banerjee lost the Nandigram constituency by a narrow margin despite winning the landslide victory. As a result, even though he got the chief ministership, he had to walk the path of by-election (Bhabanipur Bypoll 2021) to keep the ministry as per the rules. Talbahana was not less concerned about holding by-elections in the state. The BJP has been asking from the beginning not to do this by-election commission now.

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The Trinamool, on the other hand, was desperate to win the by-election (Bhabanipur Bypoll 2021). Even after winning more than 26,000 votes from the Bhabanipur constituency, Mamata Banerjee was given the seat by Shobhandev Chatterjee, a loyal soldier of Mamata Banerjee’s first day in the state. The Election Commission has announced the date for the by-elections in Bhabanipur and the pending assembly polls in Samsherganj and Jangipur.

The grassroots have been campaigning with equal emphasis everywhere from slums to multi-storey buildings. On the contrary, the BJP has lost some momentum in the campaign. Babul Supriya, who is holding the rise of Bhabanipur BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal, left the BJP and joined the Trinamool. Faced with the crisis of existence, Priyanka duly requested Babul not to come to Bhabanipur for the sake of the relationship. Babul said at the time that Babul Supriya did not like Mamata Banerjee’s campaign. But if the team says he will definitely go.

After so many dramatic ups and downs, finally Mamta, the daughter of Bhagyapriksha Ghar. Priyanka also tried her luck. Whatever the win rate, there is no doubt that the fight with the grassroots has brought Priyanka to the limelight.

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