Bhabanipur Bypoll 2021 | TMC | By-election in the face, remember the municipal vote? Trinamool strategy in Bhabanipur to get the minds of slum dwellers …

#Kolkata: After the multi-storey building, this time the slum dwellers voted in the eyes of the grassroots (Bhabanipur Bypoll 2021). The BJP had campaigned in these areas before the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. Union Home Minister Amit Shah himself came and took care of both food and publicity. Although it had no effect on the ballot box. This time the Trinamool Congress is desperately trying to win all the votes in this area.

Port MLA and Minister Firhad Hakim has completed all the plans for the promotion of the slum area. He said, “I am in charge of all the slums. They keep me informed of all the advantages and disadvantages of the area from time to time. And this communication is for me throughout the year. Our party does not work with the vote in mind.”

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Whether everyone in these areas has already received the vaccine, whether they have filled up the form for Lakshmi’s collection, whether the people in the health partner area have received it all have come up in the issue of publicity. Political observers say that in fact, the Trinamool Congress has started the race for the next Kolkata municipal elections with this by-election in Kolkata.

On the other hand, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) started a vigorous campaign in that ward of Bhabanipur (Bhabanipur Bypoll 2021) in the morning and afternoon. The responsibilities of the eight wards have been divided among the six leaders, who will oversee all publicity campaigns, as well as six street corners in each ward, where Perth Chatterjee, Firhad Hakim, Subrata Bokshi and Shobhandev Chatterjee live to convey the message of Bhabanipur’s housewife to a large section of the people. , Vaishwanar Chatterjee and Kartik Banerjee.

In all, the Trinamool Congress is going to hold about 56 such rallies across the assembly. Women Trinamool Congress workers are going from house to house in different parts of Bhabanipur.

The Bhabanipur assembly is called Mini India. People of different languages ​​are voters in this high profile assembly. As a result, leaflets have been made in Bengali, Hindi and English thinking about them. Which will be given home. Jaya Hind Bahini president Kartik Banerjee said, “We are raising the issue in the campaign as directed by the top leadership of the party.”

It has already been decided when the meeting will be held in which area The space has been chosen in such a way that no difficulty is created. On the other hand, so that everyone can be reached. Besides Mamata Banerjee, Abhishek Banerjee is also present at the meeting.

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