Bhabanipur bypoll | Booth-oriented voters from the morning, the Ward Coordinator got in the way

#Kolkata: The Bhabanipur by-election, which started with the 2021 Bengal elections, maintained that tension. During the festive season, political tensions continued surrounding the by-elections in one of the state’s high-profile centers. It is a by-election or a masterpiece. The center of gravity of the discussion is of course the house girl, because Mamata Banerjee is contesting from Bhabanipur constituency. Today, the Trinamool wants to go to the polls, the whole of Bhabanipur is going to the polls, for that purpose the coordinators have been plowing the polling booths since morning.

In recent times, especially in the last 10 years, if the results of the Bhabanipur Center polls can be analyzed, it can be seen that Mamata Banerjee’s party was ahead in every case except the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Subrata Bokshi was the Trinamool candidate from Bhabanipur constituency in the 2011 assembly polls. He won that time by 49938 votes. In 2011, Mamata Banerjee won the by-election from Bhabanipur constituency with 54213 votes.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, BJP candidate Tathagata Roy was ahead by 165 votes. Two years later, in 2016, Mamata Banerjee won the Bhabanipur constituency by 25,301 votes. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, Trinamool candidate Mala Roy was leading with 316 votes. In the 2021 assembly elections, Shobhandev Chattopadhyay won by 2619 votes.

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In the current Assembly by-elections, however, the target of the Trinamool Congress has increased the margin of victory. That is why the ruling party is keeping an eye on the number of votes being cast. Ward coordinators have been seen in various booths in their areas since morning. Even Firhad Hakim, chairman of the Calcutta Municipal Council of Administrators, has seen it in various places. Throughout the last week of the campaign period, the Trinamool Congress campaigned to get voters to vote more than door-to-door or ward-based campaigns. Even the party leader Mamata Banerjee herself went to the polls and urged the voters to come and cast their votes.

Ratan Malakar, co-ordinator of Ward No. 63, said, “The line that has been visible since morning. People are going to the polling booths. If it continues, our margins will increase.” On the other hand, BJP leader Sajal Ghosh said, “People are going out to vote on their own.” As a result, the two camps are happy that the voters are going to the booth.

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