Bhabanipur Bypoll Mamata Banerjee | ‘Vote but’, a small grassroots tuk-tuk in candidate Mamata’s campaign

#Kolkata: All weapons of propaganda have been applied. Ward-based campaigns have been going on for the last few days. In the last week of the campaign, in the eyes of the grassroots, to make the voters go to the polls. Therefore, in the campaign, besides giving benefits and details of several projects of Mamata Banerjee, it was reminded that the assembly by-election on September 30 (Bhabanipur Bypoll Mamata Banerjee) is going on. Everyone has to go to vote on that day.

Eight Trinamool leaders (Bhabanipur Bypoll Mamata Banerjee) were given charge of eight wards of Bhabanipur. The leaders in charge of those eight wards have now started urging everyone to go to the polls on election day. Firhad Hakim is in charge of Bhabanipur by-election. He is basically supervising the vote. “The polling day falls on weekdays. It’s our job to make sure people come to the polls to go to work. Usually in by-elections the turnout is much lower. That can’t be done this time. We’re sure to win. But our margin is ours,” he said. Need to increase. “

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As a result, the real goal of the Trinamool Congress is to turn the voters towards the polling booths, even if small road meetings are going on. Mock poll or EVM test work has started from Tuesday. Everyone in charge of the booth on polling day and as a counting agent has been instructed to exercise strict surveillance and caution. This mock poll will continue for the next 2 days. All EVMs are then instructed to be tested and sealed.

Incidentally, the Trinamool Congress has already made several complaints about the Nandigram vote. On the day of the Bhabanipur campaign, Mamata Banerjee said on the Ahindra Mancha, “There were 500 voters in a booth in Nandigram, but thousands of votes were cast. Vivipat was not counted. The machine was broken. There was a plan to defeat me.” So mock poll or EVM testing is very important.

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