#Kolkata: Today Kurukshetra Bhabanipur (Bhabanipur by poll). The future of the chief ministers of the daughter of the house will be decided in the field of the house. Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister from Bhabanipur after winning the election for the first time in 2011. However, Seba also had to contest the by-election because Mamata was an MP at the time. If this fight is a prestige fight for Mamata, then this fight is an uplifting poem for Mamata Banerjee vs Priyanka Tibrewal. Whether Priyanka wins or Harun, the third vote fight of her life, she is fighting with Mamata Banerjee. Even Priyanka is optimistic that her party will win if it gets the right votes. Ward No. 60 is the bird’s eye view of both the Trinamool-BJP parties who went down to chase the magnet called ‘Joy’.

Ward No. 60 of Bhabanipur is inhabited by people of several communities starting from Gujarati to Punjabi. Bhabanipur is called Mini India mainly because of the variety of this ward. Trinamool thinks that getting good votes from here means some kind of peace. Moreover, to measure the water of the upcoming municipal vote, one has to understand the number 60.

However, as in the by-elections (Bhabanipur by poll), the turnout at various polling stations has been low since morning. Voters who came to vote say there is little enthusiasm for the by-elections. Come down from the Highrise building and vote, all the residents. Although it is always late, many people go to the booth, but the voters of ward number 60 are admitting it.

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Trinamool had given MLA Debashish Kumar the responsibility of Ward No. 60 in the run-up to the by-elections. Trinamool was behind in this ward with 2092 votes. The grassroots think that moving forward in this ward means an absolute victory. And the BJP thinks that if it can hold on to this ward, incidents could happen in Bhabanipur. Besides 80, the two teams are also keeping an eye on ward number 64.

Note that there are 6 wars in Bhabanipur. In the assembly elections, the Trinamool was ahead in 61 wards with 1985 votes. Trinamool was ahead in 33 wards with 339 votes. Trinamool advanced in that ward with a record 21369 votes. Ward No. 64 was behind with 536 votes. In Ward No. 63, the Trinamool was ahead in the 1831 vote.

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