#Kolkata: Prashant Kishor becomes a voter from Bhabanipore Trinamool (TMC) political advisor has registered as a voter in Bhabanipur ahead of the Bhabanipore By-Election. However, the BJP has mocked the incident of Prashant Kishore becoming a voter in Bhabanipur

The list of voters in Bhabanipur published before the by-elections includes the name of Prashant Kishor (Prashant Kishor becomes voter from Bhabanipore). According to the voter list, the voter of St. Helen’s School in Bhabanipur is Prashant Kishor.

After Prashant Kishore became a voter in Bhabanipur, state BJP spokesperson Saptarshi Chowdhury tweeted with a picture of the voter list. In a sarcastic tone, he said, ‘Finally, Prashant Kishore is a voter of Bhabanipur But does a Bengali girl want foreign voters? ‘

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