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Bhowanipur Murder: Did Ashok Shah try to survive at the last minute? What is the indication of the iron part of the hand?


#Kolkata: Exciting information about Bhabanipur murder. Detectives believe that Ashok Shah tried to defend himself from the assassins during the murder. There were multiple statues in the house. The idol was holding a piece of iron in his hand. According to intelligence sources, the iron object was seized by Ashok. Detectives speculate that Ashoka tried to stop them when the assassins came to kill him. That is, the detectives assumed that he had tried to defend himself.

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Detectives claimed that CCTV footage of the area showed two elderly men with umbrellas heading out of the alley. Who are they? What did they go there at that time? Police sources said that the police dog went a little way along the road they took out. According to the police, the assassin may have known that there was money in the house Is it murder to hit it? Or the brutal murder that did not match the expectation of money? According to the preliminary autopsy report, Rasmita Shah was shot in the back of the head and her husband Ashok was stabbed to death. Mobile call lists and CCTV footage are the biggest tools of the police. The police are looking for the assassin through him.

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The murder of an elderly couple has raised questions about security. Panicked residents. Earlier, on 14 February 2022, Shantilal Vaidya was killed at the hotel The body was recovered from a guest house near Lee Road Elgin. On 16th October 2021, Subir Chakki and his driver were killed in Goriyahat. Urmila Jund Garcha was killed on 29 December 2021 in Baliganj outpost, Goriyahat area. In May 2022, the body of Vijay Garh Nidhi was recovered from Chandra Kundu, Jadavpur Thana area. Many elderly people in the city are terrified of the recent murders of old women.

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