Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: At a glance, it looks familiar. But it takes time to understand. Is he really? Gopal Pujo, organized by a club at Kumortuli Chattar for the last three days, was all around him. Of course, who are you talking about? It’s about the world musician. Simply put, we are talking about ‘Badam Kaku’ “Badam Badam Dada Raw Badam / I have Niko Bubu Fried Badam / I have only Raw Badam (Kacha Badam).” This song is currently on social media (Bhuban Badyakar’s Statue).

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Whether you are a celebrity or not, eight to eighty people are making reel or insta videos on social media by shaking their waists to the tune of Bhuvan Badyakar’s song. Even people from many countries of the world are mesmerized by this song. This is the social media trending world musician! ‘Almond Uncle’ is also at the peak of popularity in the real world. This time a statue of ‘Badam Kaku’ was made in Calcutta. And that statue was seen in the field of Swadhin Sangha next to Kumartuli. People of different ages and professions gathered to see that. This shows how popular Bhuban Badyakar is. This idol ‘Badam Kakur’ was made by artist Parimal Pal.

In the words of Parimal Pal, “Almonds are now popular all over the world. Bhuvan Badyakar has introduced Bengali to the whole world. That is why he decided to make an idol. ” If you want to see the statue of Bhuvan Badyakar, you have to visit the mandapa of Swadhin Sangha near Dhakeswari temple in Kumartuli. Because, on the occasion of Dolpurnima, the idol of ‘Badamkaku’ has been found in Gopal Pujo. This statue was made in just 5 days. Attempts are being made to preserve the statue. Black pants, pink shirt, towel around neck, cut tilak on forehead. There is no way to know which is real and which is fake.

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However, he has not yet seen it with his own eyes. He is currently on a mission in Mumbai. Heard his idol. Naturally he is happy. Once you return to this state, you want to come to Kumartuli and see yourself.

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