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Bhuddhadeb Bhattacharyas Sister in Law: Former Chief Minister’s sister-in-law Iradevi at a new address from today, Pather Jibon Roil Pathe Pade …


#Kolkata: The place was the sidewalk of Dunlop. His new address was Lumbini Mental Hospital after reading about his identity. In the end, Ira Basu, the sister-in-law of former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharyas, changed the address at her own will. It is learned that he pleaded in the Lumbini bus for a few days and wanted to return to Kharadha. The former biology teacher of Kharadaha Priyanath Girls School went to a new address to sign a paper in English.

Mira Bhattacharya, the wife of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, opened her mouth about her sister’s identity as soon as Iradebi’s words came up in the headlines. He did not deny his sister’s words, but said that Ira had voluntarily chosen such a life without the consent of the whole family. He is also unable to change his mind.

Many have tried to return to normal life from Dunlop’s path to normal life. He had been admitted to a mental hospital before. But nothing has changed. Those who have been watching Iradevi lately say that this time Ira wanted to return to Kharadha in a somewhat normal way. Several people also came forward to help him. However, Iradevi, the sister-in-law of former chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, wants to spend the rest of her life with her savings. Do not want government help.

Ira Basu is a retired life science teacher at Priyanath Girls High School in Kharadha. She used to walk around Dunlop all day in her slender clothes. I spent the night on the sidewalk. For a long time he spent days and nights on the streets of Dunlop. Until 2009, when the family identity of Priyanath Balika Vidyalaya life science teacher came to light, there was an uproar. He was taken to a mental hospital. And while staying there, he expressed his desire to return to Kharadha.

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According to that source, he has taken shelter in the house of CPIM councilor Sudip Roy of ward 5 of Panihati municipality. However, if you see him today, you will not understand that even a few days ago, he used to walk around the streets in torn clothes. The former teacher wants to return to normal life, she claimed. The concerned CPIM councilor also said that Iradebi’s current behavior is very normal. After retiring from the job, he did not get pension due to lack of necessary documents. However, Sudipbabu said that after arranging all the documents, arrangements will be made for Iradevi to get a pension. Then he can stay wherever he pleases. Iradevi herself does not want to be confined to one place. He has a house in Salt Lake, he doesn’t want to live there either. However, his acquaintances are happy that he is going to start his home life at the end of his life. And Iradevi is also happy, soaking her throat in sweet and whey. At the same time, he made it clear once again that he would live his life on his own terms, ‘If you tell me, I am very stubborn. But I will say, I have my own opinion. I will not do anything bad. My relatives, grandparents also know that. ‘

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