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#Kolkata: Torture at the hands of the police! This time the policeman himself is in the net of the police on the charge of indecent exposure of the young woman. One of the detainees is an ASI and the other is a civic volunteer. The name of the arrested ASI is Sandeep Kumar Pal. It is learned that the arrested person is ASI of Bidhannagar Traffic Guard. He has been arrested and suspended. On the other hand, the name of the arrested civic volunteer is Abhishek Malakar. He has also been dismissed following a preliminary investigation into allegations of indecency.

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It is learned that the 25-year-old resident of Asansol arrived at the Karunamayi bus stand in Salt Lake (Kolkata News) around 11:30 pm on Saturday night. Then his companions book the app cab and leave for their respective destinations. But the victim was standing at the bus stand without getting a car.

The young woman waited for a long time for the car. At around 1 am, after waiting for a long time at the compassionate bus stand (Kolkata News), the young woman saw two police bikes. The first of the two bikes was the accused Civic Volunteer Abhishek Malakar. The second bike was accused ASI Sandeep Kumar Pal. Seeing them, the woman wants a lift. And then the disaster. He was accused of molestation in the name of giving a lift to the bike. Allegedly, he was diverted to different roads without reaching his destination.

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After that, the woman somehow reached Ruby More. He called a friend and with the help of the traffic police, two persons approached the Kasba police station. The police of Kasba police station took immediate action as soon as they heard the complaint of the 25-year-old girl. Police arrived at the scene with the complainant and her friend. The woman then lodged a complaint at Bidhannagar North Police Station.

According to police sources, the accused is Sandeep Kumar Pal, ASI of Bidhannagar Traffic ASI. He has been suspended. Accused civic volunteers have also been fired. A case has already been filed against the two under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code.

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