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Big decision about rowing club, new rules are coming after the accident – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: In case of an accident at the rowing club, it is necessary to carry out rescue work quickly. But battery-powered speedboats can’t do that. That is why KMDA is leaning towards petrol powered speedboats. On Saturday, Firhad Hakim said, “Battery-powered boats cannot go fast. They cannot go beyond a certain speed. Only petrol-powered boats can do that if they want to be rescued quickly. We will inform the PCB if the clubs give it to KMDA in writing, since the Pollution Control Board’s order is on KMDA. I will tell the court to allow one rescue boat to be kept in each club. It is for rescue use only. Stages in different parts of the country.

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Police are making SOPs. That will be given to all clubs. When the newcomers finally go into the water. If the roar starts from the school level, if it is stopped, there will be no more roar from Bengal. In addition to the SOP, we will inform the court about the direction of this letter so that it is granted from this special power. This boat will be used for rescue purposes only, not for cruising or recreation. “

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He said that earlier there was no surveillance in the lakes like Rabindra Sarobar during the Left period. From there people would come and go. He used to bathe in the water of the lake. Cloth glass. Now the whole lake is beautifully surrounded. The environment has been very beautiful. Unwanted travel has stopped. But we have to do better We have to learn from experience. Recently an accident took place at Rabindra Sarobar. The administration wants to take some steps to prevent this from happening again. As part of this, the administration is thinking of a petrol-powered boat.

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