#Kolkata: News of relief for medical students returning to Ukraine. This time they will get the opportunity to study hand in hand in the state government medical college and dental medical college. Medical students returning to Ukraine will have the opportunity to submit the form online within the next 6 working days. In March, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee held a meeting with future doctors returning from Ukraine at the Khudiram Practice Center. The state health minister and the chief minister assured to be by their side in this meeting.

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Russia was wounded in the Ukraine war when Ukraine. Just then, the future doctors have seen the dream of becoming a doctor turn bloody. In the eyes of the students who left their families and went abroad to study medicine, those days of war were floating around, at the same time they were worried about their own incomplete course. This time, thinking about that problem, hand-to-hand education for medical students returning to Ukraine is about to start in the state. The state health department on Wednesday issued a directive to fill up the online form within the next six working days. On the basis of this, there will be an opportunity to do practical classes in state medical colleges and dental medical colleges.

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According to an official of the state health department, any government medical college and dental medical college in the state will have hands-on education. As a result, it will not be difficult for them to continue their studies through practical classes. However, nothing can be said about their degree right now. The health official also thanked the returning students for the opportunity to take practical classes in Ukraine. And the medical students returning to Ukraine have got some relief after getting the news of studying hand-to-hand in the government medical college of their state.

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