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#Kolkata: Good news for Madhyamik 2022 candidates. For the convenience of the examinees, the Board of Secondary Education is giving free test papers this year. According to the board sources, the students will get the test papers of the secondary students of the state by mid-January through the school. The secondary examination of 2022 will start from March 8. According to the board, the test papers will be ready from the first week of January. After that free test papers will be given to the students. This test paper is mainly prepared by the board so that the students can prepare better before the secondary examination.

According to the source, the test paper will have question papers of different schools on one side and some tips on how to prepare for the test. Besides, detailed guidelines will be given in the test paper on how to take the test according to the Corona rules. The state did not take the secondary examination last year. Board sources said that the best answer sheet of his previous secondary examination will be given in this time’s test paper.

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The Board of Secondary Education has already given detailed guidelines on the number of subject based secondary examinations (Madhyamik 2022) on the syllabus. Besides, the Board of Secondary Education has given detailed guidelines on the number of questions. Schools have already taken the test of secondary candidates in the same manner. The Board of Secondary Education had already directed to send those question papers to the Board. The Board of Secondary Education has already received the question papers of different schools. The board will combine those question papers and give them to the students through test papers.

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Board officials claim that this will make it easier for students to prepare for exams in cowardly situations. According to the sources of the Board of Secondary Education, the number of examination centers has already been increased a lot. This time secondary examination will be taken in more than six thousand examination centers. Besides, the current situation is being monitored so that more than 200 to 250 students do not have to go to a single school. Secondary examination (Madhyamik 2022) starts from March 7. It will continue till March 16.

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