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Bikash Mishra Brother of Vinay Mishra arrested from Kolkata Hospital | Arrested Binoy Mishra’s brother Bikash Mishra … – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: CBI arrests Bikash Mishra in Coal Scam Case Bikash Mishra was arrested on Thursday from a private hospital in Kolkata bypass. According to CBI sources, Bikash Mishra has been arrested at Khabar Hospital. Bikash Mishra is currently in the hospital. The CBI team has been on guard there.

Yesterday, the CBI went to the private hospital. The CBI arrested him today. The CBI team is at the hospital. Asansol CBI Special Court yesterday dismissed the interim bail of Bikash Mishra and issued an arrest warrant in the coal case. The main accused in the coal case is Bikash Mishra’s brother Bikash Mishra (Arrested).

However, it is not possible to take Bikash Mishra to court even if he is arrested. Only after he is released from the hospital will the CBI detectives take him to court. However, according to CBI sources, the brother of one of the accused in the coal smuggling (Bikash Mishra Arrested) Binoy Mishra will be in the hospital under their care for the time being.

This is undoubtedly a big arrest in Coal Scam Case. Because, the main accused in the coal scam, Anup Maji, who used to hand over the money to the influential people, is alleged to be the brother of Binoy Mishra. The CBI has said from the outset that the two brothers were in complete control of how the ‘black’ money of coal was handed over to the influential people of Kolkata or how some of the influential people’s money got into the coal business. That is the complaint.

It is also alleged that there are multiple bogus businesses of modesty and development. The CBI has come to know that this coal (Coal Scam Case) money was also used in that business. Detectives have also found the whereabouts of that money. Several crores of rupees have also been confiscated. As a result, the investigators think that the worms may come up in Keut instead of the worms as soon as the CBI starts interrogation with Bikash in custody.

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