Biman Basu: Failure is not separation? Biman Basur also hinted at ‘friendship’ with the Congress in the pre-poll

#Kolkata: Despite the alliance in the Bengal Assembly polls, the Left and the Congress have practically flown away. Since then, questions have been raised within the two parties about the relevance of the alliance. A large section of the Left is also opposed to the alliance with the Congress. In this situation, is there any possibility of another alliance in the December pre-poll? Left Front Chairman Biman Basu did not blow it up at all. “There is a need for a new round of talks before the referendum,” he said. In the last by-elections, 90 to 95 percent of the cases were discussed. However, the upcoming elections need to be discussed again. That could happen next week. “

Pradeep Bhattacharya, the provincial Congress leader, also did not dismiss the Left Front chairman’s remarks. Regarding the alliance, Pradeep Babu also said, “Pre-vote is a regional level vote. So it will be discussed at the provincial level. So it is better to leave this matter to the provincial leadership. If the leftist leaders want any review on this issue, we will discuss it. However, it will not work unless the attitude in the last election in the state is changed.

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The central government is going to stop the distribution of free food grains among the poor people. Trinamool Lok Sabha MP Saugat Roy has filed a petition to extend the project for another six months. He sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting this. The leftists have also raised their voices against the central government’s decision to stop giving free rations. On the same day, Left Front Chairman Biman Basu Saf said, “Free rations should not have been stopped in the Corona situation. Of course, the free rations that were being given should be continued.

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However, he also taunted the state’s grassroots government over petroleum products. The central government has recently reduced tariffs on petrol and diesel after a steady rise. In the same vein, various BJP-ruled states have also reduced their taxes. In this context, Biman Basu also questioned the state government, saying that when the center has reduced the price, the state should also reduce the price.

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