#Kolkata: After the central government reduced the tariff, the BJP is raising its voice against the state government for demanding reduction of state VAT on petrol and diesel prices. According to that source, Gerua Shibir has started a protest program from Monday. But Corona has not yet given permission for the program, citing the circumstances. However, the Gerua leaders of the state are adamant in carrying out their programs. Naturally, this time again the BJP leaders (BJP Bengal on Petrol Diesel Price) have created an atmosphere of conflict with Lalbazar. So even if the police do not agree with the BJP’s Monday program, according to BJP sources, they will not get on the road even if they do not get permission.

The Center has reduced fuel tariffs after repeated demands from the opposition. Following that path, the BJP-ruled states have also reduced their taxes. But anti-BJP states, including the West Bengal government, have not yet reduced VAT. Why the state has not reduced VAT even though the center has waived the duty? The BJP will hold a protest in Kolkata on Monday raising that question. According to sources, the protest procession will start from the state BJP office. BJP state president Sukant Majumder said he would be in the procession. The BJP has a district-wide protest program on November 9-12.

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According to Gerua Shibir sources, the BJP did not get any permission from the police in Lalbazar till Sunday evening. Earlier, Gerua Shibir alleged that several BJP meetings and processions had been banned due to the Corona situation. This time, of course, the BJP is adamant.

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According to BJP sources, they will be on their way from Monday. So there must be a procession. However, the Gerua leaders are wondering how the procession will leave the state office and whether the police will allow it to proceed at all. Basically, in the case of such incidents that have been seen in the past, it sits on top of Central Avenue. Many fear that the same thing could happen today. That is why the city of Kolkata can get hot on the first busy day of the week. Several state-level leaders, including BJP state president Sukant Majumder, may be on the agenda today. BJP’s all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh and opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari may also be present.

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