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BJP | By Election: state bjp leaders to meet to decide on candidates name


#Kolkata: The Election Commission has announced the day of by-election on September 30 at Bhabanipur Center. Elections will also be held in Samserganj and Jangipur centers on the same day. Discussions have started in Gerua Shibir (BJP) on who will be the candidate in Bhabanipur among these three seats. High voltage Bhabanipur center is the focus of discussion. Where the Trinamool candidate is Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself. Therefore, the Bhabanipur Center has started practicing within the party from Saturday on who will be the BJP’s candidate this time.

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Actor Rudranil Ghosh was the BJP’s candidate in the Bhabanipur constituency in the last assembly polls. According to Rudranil, he will abide by whatever the party directs. It is to be noted that Rudrani Ghosh lost to Shobhandev Chatterjee by a big margin in the last election. Therefore, part of the party thinks that Bhumiputra of the area and someone from the organization should be nominated for this seat. It is learned that there are discussions going on whether any top woman leader of the party can be nominated as a candidate in Bhabanipur constituency.

However, in the by-elections, there was confusion over the BJP-backed candidates in the high-voltage Bhabanipur constituency, but the BJP candidates in the other two constituencies remained unchanged. According to the rules of the Election Commission, BJP candidate Sujit Das is contesting from Jangipur constituency and Milon Ghosh is contesting from Samserganj constituency. It was reported by the party leadership yesterday. It is known that they will start the campaign soon. According to party state president Dilip Ghosh, the BJP is ready for by-elections. Candidates from Samsherganj and Jangipur have been fixed. In Bhabanipur too, the name of the candidate will be finalized soon. However, as per the party rules, the names of the candidates will be announced by the central leadership from Delhi.

According to the rules of the Election Commission, only those who were candidates in these two centers have to be candidates. No one can be a new candidate. That is why the Congress camp is facing a lot of problems as the Congress candidate Zaidur Rahman does not want to be a candidate in the Samsherganj constituency now. However, sources said that the BJP wants to finalize everything by Monday (BJP Meeting).

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