#Kolkata: BJP seizes bail in Baliganj by-election Shameful defeat in both the seats, moving to third place in Baliganj, all together the BJP has zero votes. On top of that, it has been reported that the bail of BJP candidate Keya Ghosh has been confiscated in Baliganj. According to the rules of the Election Commission, if a candidate gets less than one-sixth of the total votes cast, his deposit is forfeited. In this case, care has been so. The bail of the Congress candidate has also been confiscated. The BJP candidate got 12,096 votes by crossing the 10,000 mark. In the fourth place, the Congress candidate got 5 thousand 195 votes.

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As a result of the overall result of Baliganj, the leftists have come up in the second place. But not only in the second place, but also in the third place, the difference between the BJP and the Second Boy CPM is increasing a lot. As a result of the vote, Baliganj’s Trinamool candidate Babul Supriya got 50,622 votes and CPM candidate Saira Halim got 30,618 votes. Babul has a margin of 19,904 votes. However, the leftists are in second place.

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Not only that, the leftists have already come out on top in two wards of this assembly constituency. These two wards are numbers 64 and 65. Leading leftists are there, albeit with a small vote. In Baliganj, the turnout was 74 per cent in the previous election, but in the by-elections, that percentage has come down to 41 per cent. The BJP got about 34,000 votes in the Assembly elections, in second place. But in the by-election that number is 12,096. On the other hand, the number of votes received by the Left is 30,618. In other words, the difference between the second and third place is 16 thousand votes. Trinamool leader, MLA Debashis Kumar said, “We have said before that at one time the Left’s vote went to Ram. We went to the polls and realized that this time the vote went back to the Left. That is why this result.”

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