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#Kolkata: Kolkata Municipal Election (KMC Election 2021 | BJP Candidate List) on 19th December. The CPIM, Trinamool and Congress have already announced the list of candidates. On Monday, the BJP released a full list of 144 candidates. There are more than 48 young faces and 50 women in the list of candidates. In addition, 3 doctors and 5 lawyers have been nominated. According to the BJP, women have been given priority. There are 4 teachers-professors in the list.

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There are 48 new faces in the BJP’s candidate list (KMC Election 2021 | BJP Candidate List). There are several teachers and professors. Ashish Kumar Trivedi is fighting in ward no.1. Rajendra Prasad Sau is standing for BJP in Ward No.2. Ward 3 candidate Anima Singh. Sriram Yadav in ward no. Vijay Ojha has become a candidate in ward no. Ramesh Jaiswal in ward 36. Sajal Ghosh (KMC Election 2021 | BJP Candidate List) is standing from Ward No. 50.

Gerua camp in Purbhote Gerua camp in Purbhote

Notable among those on the candidate list are,

Ward No. 1 candidate Ashish Trivedi

Ward No. 2 candidate Rajendra Kumar Sau

Ward 4 candidate Sabyasachi Chakraborty

Ward 5 candidate Sriram Yadav

Ward No. 7 candidate Brajesh Jha and Ward No. 6 candidate Manoj Singh

Ward 9 candidate Ruby Banerjee

Ishwar Sahu is the candidate of ward no

Gerua camp in Purbhote Gerua camp in Purbhote

Ward No. 11 – Manas Sen Chowdhury Ward No. 12 – Tanushree Roy Ward No. 13 – Colonel Kunal Bhattacharya Ward No. 14 – Devraj Saha Ward No. 15 – Anita Das Ward No. 16 – Sarat Singh Ward No. 17 – Pratima Bandyopadhyay Jaiswal Ward No. 18 – Anuradha Shil Ward No. 19 – Debashis Shil No. 20 Mukunda Jhawal

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Ward 22 candidate Meena Devi is a priest. There are 50 women and 48 youth candidates in the list. There are 5 lawyers, 3 doctors and 1 former army officer. There are 4 teachers / professors. There are 9 candidates from the minority community.

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