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#Kolkata: The BJP is going to court to demand joint voting in municipalities or municipalities where votes are pending. BJP state president Sukanta Majumder made such a demand on this day The BJP state president said that the process of filing a public interest litigation has already started.

The term boards of more than 100 municipalities in the state have expired long ago Work is going on by appointing administrators in these municipalities Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections Recently, the state government sent a letter to the State Election Commission to prepare for the polls in Kolkata and Howrah municipalities.

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According to the state plan, polling is scheduled for December 19 in both the municipalities The results of the vote will be announced on 22 December

However, the BJP has objected to earlier voting in two municipalities The party’s state president Sukant Majumder said on the day, “We want to vote together in every municipality or corporation. We are also going to court with this demand We think that there is a political motive behind holding earlier polls in Kolkata and Howrah “If it is not possible to get all the municipalities to vote together, we will ask the State Election Commission to count the votes together.”

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Sukant Majumder added, “We want votes in all the municipalities together, which means the BJP has the power to fight together in so many municipalities.”

However, Education Minister Perth Chatterjee did not want to accept the BJP state president’s demand His counter-complaint was, ‘So far they have been vocal in demanding to vote themselves All these demands are being raised to delay the announcement of the vote The chief minister had earlier said that the state would go to the polls after the by-election.

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