BJP Leader slams Babul Supriyo once again | ‘Trinamool will give him jhunjhuni’, in which context Dilip Ghosh’s sharp reaction to Babul? – News18 Bangla

Kolkata: BJP’s Dilip Ghosh stabbed Trinamool’s Babul Supriya again. Recently, rumors have been circulating that Babul Supriyo (Dilip Ghosh Babul Supriyo) is being considered as the mayoral candidate of Kolkata Municipality. Dilip Ghosh, the BJP’s all-India co-president, explained that all these rumors were for ‘feeding the people’.

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Dilip Ghosh took a morning walk in Newtown Ecopark on Tuesday. Dilip Ghosh Babul Supriyo has just emerged from the Gerua camp as a candidate for the mayoral post. In this context, Dilip Ghosh said, “Trinamool will not do anything about Babul Supriyo. Don’t give anything, just give jhunjhuni. ”

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In the political arena, Babul vs Dilip attack counter-attack (Dilip Ghosh Babul Supriyo) is not new. Speaking on the political context of Babul Supriya in Kolkata, Dilip Ghosh said, “When did Babul Supriya work in Kolkata? He is not a voter in Kolkata either. ” “It was done to feed you, it will not do anything,” he told reporters.

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Recently, rumors started circulating in the political arena that Babul is being considered as the mayoral candidate in Kolkata. It is also rumored that Abhishek Banerjee’s name is on the list of top leaders. By the way, Dilip Ghosh has mocked Babul (Babul Supriyo) more than once before. He fired directly at Babul and said, “As long as he was in BJP, BJP was a frog. Unlike the BJP, it could not survive in the ocean. So he went to the pond and dived. ” This is not the end, Dilip Ghosh taunted Babul Supriya and added, “Those who are leaving the party are being taken away by showing fear or temptation. The BJP will not be harmed by their departure. ”

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