#Kolkata: The BJP, which has lost one seat after another in the state. Even the by-election results showed that the winning Asansol by-election was lost to the BJP. This time BJP leader Anupam Hazra opened his mouth in this regard on Facebook Life. Not only that, Anupam Hazra Dilip Ghosh blamed the state leadership. “Older workers like us just get beaten up and go to jail,” he said in an explosive remark.

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Anupam Hazra went live on Facebook on Sunday night. There he openly expressed his displeasure against multiple decisions of the party. “I have divided the BJP into three stages. Before 2019, it was a difficult time for the BJP. At that time no one could have thought of joining BJP. At that time some people like us came. After winning 16 seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha, the BJP has a good time. At that time a lot of opportunistic people came. Their son-in-law has been caressed. He was taken to Delhi on a chartered flight. After 2021, they have the opposite tone! ”

Anupam said, “There are some like me who were in bad times for the team. But suddenly some people came and ate the milk and left. We were spectators during the assembly elections. ” In other words, he claimed that the new members of the team have been given more importance and the old staff has not been employed. After that, he continued his statement regarding the resignation, “I gave my opinion to the party. Not heard. The state BJP has no place to talk. But the team should see why the old loyalists are leaving. ” However, Anupam said that he would continue to work for the BJP despite the protests against the state leadership.

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Meanwhile, former state BJP president Dilip Ghosh has backed Anupam’s remarks. “She is OK. He is the central leader, his job is to advise the leaders here. What is happening here should also be reported to the center. He can give advice so that the right decision is made.

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