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#Kolkata: Actress Sravanti Chatterjee left BJP on Thursday. On Friday, BJP all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh (Dilip Ghosh Srabanti Chatterjee) said, “I am not being given a chance to work in the film. So they are leaving. Besides, he has not attacked the grassroots with harsh language. “There is only one man in the grassroots, the rest are women,” he said.

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Incidentally, actress Sravanti Chatterjee left the BJP on Thursday. Dilip Ghosh Srabanti Chatterjee, BJP’s all-India vice-president, said on the same day, “There is no job opportunity in the film. So they are leaving. Besides, he did not attack the grassroots. He also warned to take strict action against anti-party remarks.” He.

Warning the protesters, Dilip Ghosh said, “Some people make anti-party remarks from their posts, it hurts a lot. Many are saying a lot. If so, he will be fired. What the team has decided is right. “

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Regarding Sravanti, Dilip Ghosh (Dilip Ghosh Srabanti Chatterjee) said, “People like him are known in politics because they know him. They are more likely to win. The party thinks it will benefit them. Yes, because they are popular. Before that there was Bappi Lahiri. Babul Supriya came, he became MP twice. Locket Chatterjee was also in the movie. He came to our party. He fought. The party has given him importance. The only reason the celebrities are leaving is because they are not allowed to act in any of the films. So they are leaving. “

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