#Kolkata: Rajib Banerjee On Bhananipur was once the good boy of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee in state politics. Apart from the Forest Department and the Backward Classes Welfare Department, he has also been the Minister of State for Irrigation and Waterways. He joined the BJP before the assembly elections this year. Domjur also contested in the WB Assembly Election 2021. But he lost to Kalyan Ghosh, the grassroots candidate of this center.

Rajib Banerjee On Bhananipur Rajib Banerjee On Bhananipur Rajib Banerjee On Bhananipur Although he has not officially left the BJP yet, he has not been seen at any BJP function since the assembly elections. Instead, he has been seen criticizing the BJP as well as the state’s opposition leader without naming him on Facebook.

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After the election, Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh visited his house. However, both Kunal and Rajiv have claimed that the meeting was a courtesy call. Some of the grassroots leaders did not miss the meeting. His distance with the BJP at the moment is a lot. Many BJP leaders have been heard to say that Rajiv is now a closed chapter to them.

Mamata Banerjee has won the Bhabanipur by-election by a record margin. He even broke his own winning record. In this context, Rajib (Rajib Banerjee On Bhananipur) greeted him. In a tweet shortly after announcing the record-breaking victory of Mamata Banerjee, Rajiv congratulated the Trinamool leader for the unprecedented victory. Rajeev wrote on Twitter, congratulations to Mamata Banerjee for the huge victory.

Rajib’s tweet, however, flooded the netizens with comments. Many do not stop mocking the former MLA of Trinamool Tyagi Domjur. Mamata, once a close MLA, fell in the face of a tumultuous troll on Twitter. Some netizens write, ‘Now you realize what you did wrong by leaving the grassroots’, others write, ‘When are you coming?’

It is to be mentioned that Rajiv Banerjee had fired at Subhendu Adhikari a few days back and said, ‘I will not say anything about him as a leader of a very large size. However, the people of Bengal, who saw the Trinamool win 213 seats, were not addressed at all during the polls, including Khala and Begat. That’s when I protested. ‘ Rajiv Banerjee recently remarked that the BJP should not have fielded a candidate in the by-elections.

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Today, Mamata’s historic record was broken, so the greeting message of her old teammate has once again provoked the rumor of her going to the grassroots. Even after Rajiv’s victory in Mamata Banerjee’s victory, the speculation of her change of party is at its peak once again. However, he is going to return to the grassroots once again! Although this political personality did not open his mouth on this issue. But in which way and in the ‘political chariot’ is Rajiv staying? With this question, a new fight has started in the state politics.

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