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#Kolkata: After the single bench of the Calcutta High Court went to the division bench, it was not allowed to deploy the central force in the preliminary vote (KMC Elections 2021). The state BJP leadership went to the Supreme Court challenging the Calcutta High Court’s order. But with the pace moving forward, the BJP’s appeal to the Supreme Court is unlikely to be effective.

The state BJP leadership filed a special leave petition or SLP in the Supreme Court challenging the order soon after the Division Bench of the Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court dismissed the appeal. The Secretariat of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court also gave permission to file cases The case was registered in the registry office of the Supreme Court

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However, no permission was sought from the Chief Justice’s Secretariat to begin hearing the case till 5 pm today. The case is scheduled to be heard by a division bench of the Chief Justice on Saturday However, hopes are slowly dwindling in the BJP camp that the case will not be allowed till evening

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Municipal elections in Kolkata on Sunday morning 7 As a result, there are growing doubts as to whether it is possible to implement the directive within 12 hours, even if the hearing is held at night and the central government is allowed to deploy at the request of the BJP.

As a result, the state BJP leadership feels that the prospect of a vote with the central forces in the run-up to the Kolkata polls is dwindling. However, BJP lawyers want to wait till night

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