BJP Mla Join Tmc: Milla Mamata-Abhishek’s green signal, BJP MLA has gone to the grassroots!

#Raiganj: 7 more push in BJP Although there were hints of this push a few days ago. Raiganj party MLA Krishna Kalyani left the BJP on October 1. There has been speculation since then that he will write his name in the grassroots this time. In the end it is so true. Raiganj MLA joined Trinamool Bhaban on Wednesday. He was welcomed at the grassroots by party secretary general Perth Chatterjee.

Krishna Kalyani targeted Raiganj BJP MP Debashree Chowdhury while announcing his resignation from the BJP. However, the BJP’s disciplinary committee had made a show cause to the Raiganj MLA on charges of anti-party activities just before announcing his resignation from the BJP. The MLA alleged that the Raiganj MP was conspiring against him.

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After the assembly elections, five MLAs, including Mukul Roy, left the BJP. On the other hand, Jagannath Sarkar and Nishith Pramanik have resigned as MLAs to remain MPs. There is a by-election on October 30. As a result, the number of BJP MLAs has been reduced from 6 to 60 at the moment

However, Raiganj MP Debashree Chowdhury has denied the allegations leveled against him by Krishna Kalyani. He claimed that even if the MLAs left the party, there would be no harm to the BJP. Since leaving the party at that time, there has been speculation as to whether Krishna Kalyani will join the Trinamool (TMC). Eventually that speculation came to an end. After taking Krishna Kalyani to the party on that day, Perth Chatterjee said, “Krishna Kalyani was taken into the party after the green signal of Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee.” Banerjee will have to return to the team with the green signal.

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Joining the party on the day, Krishna Kalyani said, “There is an empty conspiracy in the BJP. It is not possible to win the battle. Development is needed to win. Mamata Banerjee is doing that. The central government is confiscating banknotes and GST is causing misery to mothers and sisters. And the Mamata Banerjee government is solidifying the shaky poles through social projects. Mamata Banerjee has kept her promise, so I have left the BJP.

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Expressing anger over the BJP leaders, he said, “Conspiracies have been going on in Raiganj for a long time. Wanted to lose me too. I have served people well. I was reprimanded for doing a good job. And Debashree Chowdhury, who has not been seen in the area for three years. He received the award. “Then he said to Shuvendu Adhikari with one hand,” Shuvendu Babu said, he is a believer in traditional religion. And a year ago he used to say remove BJP. He is a one-year-old traditional BJP. I am 44 years old. “

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