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BJP MLAs demand partition of Bengal again after leaving Nadda state – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Just 24 hours after BJP all-India president Nadda left the state, BJP’s Karshiyong MLA Vishnukant Sharma again voiced his demand for statehood.

In the assembly today, Vishnu said, ‘I am not moving away from the demand for a separate state in the hills. I have followed in the footsteps of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modiji says, Vocal for Local 6 I did that. The demand for partition of Bengal is not unconstitutional. The breakup of a state into a new state or annexation of two states, both constitutional. Standing in the assembly, I have conveyed the message not only to the state but also to the center. ‘

During his visit to the state, the BJP MLA, the party’s all-India president, gave a clear instruction to the MPs that the demand for statehood should not be raised.

This is not the end, Vishnu has practically taken BJP’s all-India president JP Nadda by the hand without sharing his name. Vishnu reminds us that Nadda is a Member of Parliament for Himachal Pradesh. As a result, according to him, the demand for statehood cannot be unreasonable or unconstitutional.

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However, state BJP spokesperson Shamik Bhattacharya today termed the remarks as “deviant”.

The Trinamool has taken this remark of the BJP MLA in the assembly for political reasons. Trinamool spokesperson Kunal Ghosh quipped – “Actually, there is no control over the BJP-led party. Despite opposing the front, it actually gives covert support to the state.

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State politics is in full swing again after this pressure on the division of the state. No matter what the top leadership MPs like Nadda or Amit Shah give to the MLAs in the closed-door meeting of the party, the vote is a big disaster. According to observers, what Vishnu Sharma or Jayant Ray is saying is actually in the interest of the vote bank. In order to retain seats in the 24th Lok Sabha polls, MPs and MLAs have to show the direction of deprivation and underdevelopment in North Bengal. But, in reality, that is not possible.

As a result, the rest is just dreaming. That dream is a separate state. Whether it is North Bengal or Jangalmahal, however, the message is the same. The BJP could not keep its promise because it was not in government in the state. Promises can be kept if separate states are formed. Before the upcoming Panchayat or Lok Sabha vote of 24, only if the deprived people of North Bengal, Jangalmahal can become a dream peddler again, then there is a possibility of getting back the seat in the vote of 24. That is why the party does not support the partition of the state knowingly, with this statement the BJP has adopted a strategy of defending the two sides.

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