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#Kolkata: He is also ready to secretly advise the state government if necessary in the interest of development of Bengal This is the demand of BJP MLA and economist Ashok Lahiri (Ashok Lahiri proposal for state government). The Balurghat MLA, however, claimed at the same time that he had no intention of changing the party He is proposing to the state government to contribute to the development of the state by rising above politics Although the BJP MLA has made the proposal, there are doubts as to whether the party will accept it.

The name of Ashok Lahiri was one of the surprises in the BJP’s list of candidates in the last Assembly elections. Many have speculated that the former chief economic adviser to the Indian government will be the finance minister if the BJP forms a government. Although the BJP failed to form a government, Ashok Lahiri won the election and became the MLA. BJP also nominated him as the chairman of the public accounts committee in the assembly In the end, however, Mukul Roy was made PAC chairman

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Speaking to reporters on the day, Ashok Lahiri said, “If the government wants any advice on the development of the state, I want to give it to the government in secret.”

Naturally, the question arises as to why the BJP MLA is secretly advising the government In reply, Ashok Lahiri claimed that various information about the work of the government like the CAG report comes to light It is also criticized But there are some secrets in running every government As a result, if the government takes his advice on such an economic issue, he will respect the government’s attitude and keep it a secret, said Ashok Lahiri.

However, with such a proposal of the BJP MLA, naturally the speculation of changing his party has started Ashok Lahiri, however, has insisted that he has no intention of changing parties. He will be the BJP’s MLA for the next five years. The Balurghat MLA said, “I have not come to Ayaram Gayaram’s politics.” I’m not a bud that will fall off so soon. ‘

As Amit Mitra is seeking release due to physical illness, the Chief Minister is currently in charge of the finance ministry. As a result, there is no finance minister in Mamata’s cabinet now In this situation, many people are doing two to four in Ashok Lahiri’s proposal to advise the state government

The Balurghat MLA, however, said, “I did not come into politics thinking that I would be the finance minister if the PAC chairman or the BJP came to power.” I am Ashok Lahiri, an economist I have received a lot from this country, state At this age, there is nothing new to get It would be better if he could contribute to the development of the state.

Not only the BJP, but also the ruling camp treats Ashok Lahiri with enough respect. The Chief Minister himself had instructed the party MLAs not to obstruct anyone while he was addressing the assembly on the budget. The proposal made by Ashok Lahiri may be expected from a man of his stature But the question is, in the war relationship between the two camps of the state Trinamool-BJP, even if Ashok Lahiri wants to advise the state government for the development of Bengal, will the Gerua camp approve it or not!

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