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#Kolkata: BJP state president Sukanta Mazumdar visited Bobby Hakim’s neighborhood in Chetla to campaign for Kolkata KMC Elections 2021. The state president of BJP played Chao in the tea shop.

This afternoon, Sukant Majumder launched a half-hour campaign in support of BJP candidate Parmita Dutt in Kolkata’s Ward No. 84. After the campaign, he drank tea from a shop in Ward No. 62 in the neighborhood of outgoing Mayor Bobby Hakim.

Winter afternoon. Candidate Parmita was waiting for the arrival of the state president with a few female party workers at the front corner of the well-known sweet shop on Chetla Hat Road. The clock was ticking in the afternoon. Sukanta reached Chetla. After a short talk, Sukanta started preaching on foot.

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Sukanta probably realized that it is necessary to walk on the narrow road and reach the shops and people lined up on the sidewalk without increasing the traffic congestion in the area. The lights are shining one by one in the foot shops of the lower class Chetla Hat. In that light, everyday bikinis have started in the shops.

Ward No. 64 on one side of Chetla Hat Road. The reverse side is number 72. The ruling party’s candidate in ward no. 72 is Firhad Hakim. The BJP has targeted Bobby in the Kolkata polls. Sukanta was walking in the street with the candidates and party workers. Houses on both sides of Chetla Hat Road, from shops to sidewalk vats, grassroots flags and posters everywhere.

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To reach the people on the sidewalk, Sukanta peeked into the shop, when the flag, the banner, melted. He folded his hands and handed over the party propaganda booklet to the shopkeeper. Once again, he left the shop and reached the dochala room of the lower class people by the sidewalk. Sukanta sought support for the party candidate after hearing various complaints about drinking water problems in the area.

In this way, Chetla sat down on the bench of the tea shop in ward no. As soon as he took a sip of the clay pot, he got acquainted with the old officials of the area. He heard complaints about grassroots obstruction of party campaign in the area.

After the departure of the state president, candidate Parmita was asked why he decided to have a tea shop in ward no. 72 when there were so many tea shops. Parmita laughed a little at the question and said, ‘Yes, that’s right it doesn’t fall into my ward. That sidewalk of the road is ward number 72. However, during the assembly polls, my election office was on the opposite side of the shop. I used to drink tea from this shop then. There is no politics in it. ‘

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