BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar: 5 MLAs leave party in five months, BJP state president’s ‘request’ to prevent split!

#Kolkata: The party dreamed of winning the state, but far from winning 200 seats, the BJP has virtually lost the West Bengal assembly elections. And since then, the BJP has been in a quandary. Already 5 MLAs have left the party in 5 months. Four BJP MLAs, including Mukul Roy, have already joined the ruling TMC since the Assembly polls. Raiganj BJP MLA Krishna Kalyani has left the BJP again on the same day. Speculation has also started about his name being written in the grassroots. In this situation, BJP state president Sukanta Majumdar walked the path of request within the party.

The state BJP received Sukant Majumder on the day. However, former state president Dilip Ghosh was not present at the event. However, Sukant said, “We are talking to the MLAs. Party interests are much bigger than personal interests. I am requesting everyone to think of the interests of the party and work together. And with that ‘request’ of the state president, speculation is growing in the state BJP. So is the Gerua camp fearing further disintegration?

Incidentally, Sukant also received a special message from the central leadership during his first visit to Delhi after becoming the state president. Sukanta Babu has been instructed to take necessary steps to prevent a split in the party, according to BJP sources. A few days ago, Minister of State Firhad Hakim said, “In a few days, such a name will come from the BJP to the grassroots, you can not think.” But the minister did not want to open his mouth about who that leader is.

In the wake of Firhad’s remarks, Sukant Majumder also said, “Those who form the party on the basis of principles will not leave the BJP.” I’m sure of that. But, for those who are having problems, I would say, if there is any anger, come, discuss within the group. I think it is possible to solve all the problems through discussion. We will all fight together. And in the context of that fight, it is only a matter of time before this government is overthrown. ‘

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Four BJP MLAs, including Mukul Roy, have already joined the ruling TMC since the Assembly polls. A few days ago, Babul Supriyo, a former Union Minister and MP from Asansol, left Padma and came to the grass. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee has claimed that the game has just begun. Many more big surprises are waiting in the future. There is a lot of speculation in the state politics about the way the BJP is growing.

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