BJP to get zero in Shuvendur district, uneasy in Gerua camp in audio clip named Soumitra Khan

#Kolkata: State BJP (BJP West Bengal) is again uneasy over the audio tape debate This time the name of BJP MP from Bishnupur Soumitra Khan was involved in the debate An audio clip of Saumitra’s conversation with one of the leaders of the party has been released (Saumitra Khan Audio Clip). In that audio clip, Soumitra Khan is heard saying that BJP will win only three to four seats in the state in 2024. Although the authenticity of this audio clip has not been verified by News18Bangla7 BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya claimed that the audio clip was fake

The audio clip that has surfaced shows a conversation between Soumitra Khan and a BJP expansionist leader. In that audio clip, Soumitra Khan has targeted some of the state leaders of the party In particular, he questioned the role of former state president Dilip Ghosh Not only that, the BJP will not win a single seat in the Lok Sabha elections in Shuvendu Adhikari’s district East Midnapore.

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Soumitra Khan is heard saying at the beginning of the audio clip, ‘The next time will be 39-3. We’ll get three, they’ll get 39. ‘ The person on the opposite end is then heard to say, ‘BJP will not exist then!’ Arguing for his claim, Soumitra Khan was heard to say, “I am fighting in the Fifty Fifty position. Other than that Darjeeling, and maybe one or two in North Bengal All in all, maybe four would be too much. ” After that he is heard to say, “Write that Shuvendu Adhikari will not win a single seat in East Midnapore.”

In the rest of the audio clip, Soumitra is heard attacking Dilip Ghosh. He alleged that Dilip Babu had not gone to the district and stood by any of the affected activists since the results of the Assembly elections came out. Soumitra added sarcastically, ‘He lost by 70 votes in his own booth In his own panchayat, he lost by 2,000 votes He has won only one assembly seat in his entire Lok Sabha constituency.

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One of the top leaders of the state has been heard saying to Uddhav Soumitra, “The party thought he was the king, he will be the chief minister.” Besides, the Bishnupur MP has been heard questioning the qualifications of all the three ministers except Shantanu Tagore who have been appointed as ministers from the state in the central government. However, from the conversation, it seems that this audio clip is probably several days old and before the by-election in the daytime. Because even though Nishith Pramanik was taunted, Soumitra was heard to say, ‘Nishith Pramanik has nothing! The polls will be held in Dinhata and he will lose by 50,000 votes. Trinamool candidate Udayan Guha won the by-election from Dinhata with more than 174,000 votes.

The state BJP is already quite unscrupulous about the organization Veteran leaders like Tathagata Roy have repeatedly attacked the state leadership This time the same allegation was heard in the audio clip of Soumitra Khan However, the BJP leadership is reluctant to accept this audio clip as true BJP leader Shamik Bhattacharya claimed, “There is no truth in this audio clip.” Relying on a fake audio clip doesn’t make sense. ”

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