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BJP: Written apology, suspension of seven BJP MLAs withdrawn!


#Kolkata: The suspension of five BJP MLAs, including state opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari, was lifted. Last Monday, the speaker said that there was a procedural error in the application to withdraw the suspension. So it was not accepted. In protest, BJP MLAs sat outside the assembly gate holding posters. The matter was pending till Wednesday. Principal Biman Banerjee said that if there was a proposal or motion, the matter could have been settled through discussion. Finally, the Speaker said that the suspension would be revoked if an application was made on behalf of the BJP. However, the suspension of Mihir Adhikari and Sudip Mukherjee, the first two BJP MLAs to be suspended, has not yet been formally lifted, but political circles feel it is too late.

Incidentally, the Badal session of the Legislative Assembly has started from last June 10. Will continue till 16th June. Several important bills are being introduced in the session. There was speculation about the presence of opposition MLAs. In the last session, 8 BJP MLAs were suspended for disorderly conduct in the assembly. Last Monday, the seven applied for suspension. But there are systemic flaws in it, said the speaker. The speaker said to apply anew.

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Protests over the issue began in the assembly on Monday afternoon. Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari alleged that there was nothing wrong with the proposal. After that, the BJP MLAs sat on the steps outside the assembly and protested. Four BJP MLAs Manoj Tigga, Narhari Mahato, Mihir Goswami and Shankar Ghosh raised slogans in front of the assembly door against the suspension.

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A few days ago, High Court Justice Rajasekhara Mantha advised both the parties to sit inside the assembly and settle the matter. The principal also welcomed the suggestion. The BJP parliamentary party decided to bring the proposal in the assembly following the advice of the court. They then brought two separate proposals requesting the revocation of the suspension. But the principal rejected the two proposals, citing procedural errors. The suspension was finally lifted on Thursday.

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