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#Kolkata: The name of the opponent is Mamata Banerjee Though no heavyweight candidate has been fielded against him, the BJP is not making the mistake of trying to make the grassroots work more difficult in the Bhabanipur by-election. The BJP has approached the Election Commission this time and demanded that the responsibility of polling officer in the Bhabanipur by-election should not be given to state government employees. The Gerua camp fears that since Mamata Banerjee is the state’s chief minister, state government workers may not be able to play a neutral role if they are given the post of polling officer.

On the same day, a delegation of BJP leaders went to the office of the Chief Electoral Officer of the state The party included Arjun Singh, Shishir Bajoria, Dinesh Trivedi and Soumitra Khan, the BJP’s acting observer MPs in Bhabanipur. After meeting the commission officials, the BJP leaders also expressed fears that Firhad Hakim, as the head of the Kolkata municipal governing body, could influence the Bhabanipur by-election. He also demanded that not only the appointment of polling officers, but also the election of state government employees should not be given any responsibility

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BJP leaders fear that the Bhabanipur by-elections and the Samsherganj and Jangipur polls will try to corner the grassroots by using force. As a result, it may be difficult for the BJP to provide agents in all booths With that in mind, BJP leaders have also asked not to have agents in the booths, keeping in mind the Corona situation. Besides, a sufficient number of central forces has also been demanded

The BJP has not been happy with the role of the Election Commission since the announcement of by-election day in Bhabanipur. Because at this time they did not want an election BJP leaders also questioned why the by-elections would be held only in Bhabanipur. In the end, however, the BJP fielded Priyanka Tibrewal against Mamata Banerjee. The BJP leaders are well aware that the Trinamool Shibir, including Mamata Banerjee, is far ahead in Bhabanipur. Even after that, Gerua Shibir 7 refused to give land to the Chief Minister in Bhabanipur

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