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Bogtui Case: 23 Second Conversation! Exciting information on Bogtui case publicly


#Kolkata: The villagers complained that despite the tensions, the police did not come at the time of the incident. This time, the Central Intelligence Agency claimed at the end of the investigation that there was enough evidence in that context. According to the chargesheet in his favor, the police did not respond to the call even after the incident, the CBI claimed. When the fire was burning during the emergency, Sona Sheikh talked to police sub-inspector Ramesh Saha for 23 seconds. Even then the police did not come. Even after that the phone did not respond.

According to CBI sources, the shocking information in the Bogutui firefight chargesheet, mentioned in the CBI chargesheet, the burnt bodies of seven people were recovered from the house of Sona Sheikh in Bogutui. I talked for 23 seconds with Rampurhat police sub-inspector Ramesh Saha. Even then the police did not come. Even after calling the police station again, the police officers did not catch him. Police went 50 minutes after the incident, mentioned in the CBI chargesheet. As a result, 6 people were killed when the house was burnt alive. During the incident on March 21, Sona Sheikh called the police and relatives several times from 9 pm to 9.50 pm to save her life. But the police did not respond.

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The CBI on Monday filed a chargesheet in the Bogutui fire connection case in the Rampurhat court. The 1193-page detailed chargesheet outlines the role of the local police on the day of the incident. After the March 21 incident, villagers repeatedly complained that police had not been seen when bombs were hurled at the village and houses were set on fire. And this time the Central Intelligence Agency has taken over the investigation and has completed the investigation. There is irrefutable evidence in its context.

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He is mentioned in the CBI chargesheet. According to CBI sources, the call list of the mobile was checked. The statement of the police on duty that day has been recorded. He confessed to calling the police from Bogutui on the night of the incident. However, why the police did not go to Bogutui village about a quarter of an hour late to get a good answer. Therefore, the role of the police is being questioned in the chargesheet given by the CBI, claims Wakibhal Mahal.

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