Both BJP and TMC are eyeing on non-Bengali votes A piece of India in Bhabanipur! Trinamool-BJP is winning the hearts and minds of non-Bengali voters – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Along with Bengalis, Gujaratis, Punjabis and Marwaris, there are also Muslim votes Bhabanipur assembly constituency is like a piece of India And that is why both the Trinamool and the BJP are setting the table in Bhabanipur. According to Trinamool sources, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will hold a separate meeting with non-Bengali voters in Bhabanipur next week.

Significant numbers of Gujaratis, Marwaris and Punjabis live throughout the Bhabanipur Assembly. Gujaratis have the highest number of non-Bengali voters Most Gujaratis live in wards 60 and 62 of Kolkata Municipality, which is part of the Bhabanipur Assembly. Only in ward number 60, 40 to 45 percent of the total voters are Gujarati In ward number 72 it is 35 to 40 percent

Marwaris live in wards 63, 71 and 64 Ward 7 has more Bengali and Urdu speaking Muslims The number of Muslim voters in Ward No. 72 is 45 to 55 percent

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Trinamool leader Sukhendushekhar Roy said, “People from different parts of India have lived in Bhabanipur for ages. Please don’t try to stir up trouble here. ‘ BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said, “Not only Gujaratis but also Marwaris, Sikhs and Muslims live in Bhabanipur. They will vote for the interests of this state and the politics here We need to create an environment where they can vote in peace. “

In Bhabanipur, these non-Bengali voters are the BJP’s biggest hope In the 2021 Assembly elections, the BJP was leading in wards 60 and 64 mainly due to the non-Bengali vote. Trinamool was ahead in the remaining six wards This time too, BJP has targeted non-Bengali Hindu vote in Bhabanipur The BJP’s primary goal is to win the votes of the Gujarati, Punjabi, Marwari and Bihari communities. And the Trinamool wants to win the Chief Minister in a record vote by putting a big hand in this vote. The BJP has also targeted the non-Bengali vote and given the responsibility of holding elections in Bhabanipur to Barrackpore MP Arjun Singh.

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