#Kolkata: Then the age is less than two and a half years. It was at that time that the first feeling was what it was like to suddenly leave one’s home, neighborhood and friends. At the age of seven, when nothing could be understood, uncertainty descended. After spending three months in the hotel, he returned home. But there are scars on different walls of that sadha’s house. That means the house of that little child caught a crack during the work of East-West Metro in the underworld. Address 1/4 Durga Pituri Lane. This is where Anshuman Pandey is growing from small to big.

Fifth grade student, school bag on the back, some books in it. The address of his ‘uncertainty’ came to see the school uniform holding the hands of his relatives. The interval between times is two and a half years. I had to go back to the hotel with my school bag and books. Another fear, I will return home!

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Small and big cracks have appeared in at least 14 houses in Durga Pituri Lane since Wednesday afternoon. Metro in their yard again. More than one house was evacuated that night. Anshuman and Krishnaprasad Goswami, another resident of their house, left home on Thursday morning. With the family members now the address is in a hotel in central Kolkata. The burden of debt is on the head. Five members of the family. Earning is an oil frying shop at the very beginning of Durga Pituri Lane. House upstairs. The cracks in those houses and shops are also obvious.

Gurupada Das opened the shop on the morning of the second day of the disaster. He expressed his anger against the metro authorities. The disaster that struck in August 2019 was two and a half months away from the area. The business was closed even though it was in the hotel. But Fatal seems to have become their daily companion. So the shop had to be opened to make ends meet even in panic, said Gurupada. This address seems to have become an address of uncertainty.

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Montu Sen of 9 Durga Pituri Lane. He returned home in August last year after the incident of 2019. Panic again cracks. At least 140 residents of the area have been evacuated. So his fear, do not have to leave the ancestral home? Another resident of the area is Ashok Dutt. Didi is taken to A, Durga Pituri Lane. Sometimes spent in hotels, sometimes in relatives’ homes. The flat house was also rented. After returning last year, the terror of 2019 has come to their mind again. This time I have not left the house yet. But days are passing in uncertainty. When the cracks get bigger, the thought is always 6

In 93/1, in the area of ​​Bibi Ganguly Street, known as Ghosh Bari, in 2019, big cracks were made in different parts of this house, especially in the two-storied verandah-stairs. The members were forced to leave the house and go up to the hotel. After three and a half months, the fit certificate was handed over to the homeowners. He also came home. But since then the cracks seem to be eternal companions. They can’t find the whereabouts of such a big house. Once the metro authorities are identified, repairs are made. But again there are cracks. Moumita Ghosh, the housewife of Ghosh’s house, asks why they are facing this uncertainty. Police have been deployed in the area since Friday morning. Councilor Vishwaroop Dey came. But residents question, when will the permanent solution?

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