#Kolkata: Panic in Boubazar again. And the center of that panic is the work of that metro. On Wednesday night, cracks appeared in several houses in Durga Paturi Lane in Boubazar. During the work of Metro Rail, a terrible situation has been created in the area since Wednesday evening. Cracks have been seen in at least 10 houses.

According to local sources, the situation is as dire as it was two and a half years ago. Many people said that cracks were seen in the walls of the house for the last few days. But on Wednesday the situation changed dramatically. Large cracks can be seen on the floor and walls of the house. Residents came out of the house for fear of natural causes.

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According to the residents of the area, cracks appeared in the houses of the area in the same way as in 2019. At that time they were in the hotel for at least two or three months. Then gradually the situation becomes normal. Once again, the residents have pointed the finger of blame at the metro authorities. It is alleged that the metro authorities did not see the cracks in the house at the beginning.

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As a result, the anger of the residents continues to increase at night. Meanwhile, the metro authorities are thinking of sending the residents to other places. Local councilor Bishwarup Dey and Chowrangi MLA Nayana Bandyopadhyay went to the spot at night. According to Vishwaroop, cracks were found in at least 8-10 houses at midnight on Wednesday. Those who are inside the house are requested to come out. Metro and the municipality are already trying to evacuate the residents of the area.

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