Bowbazar Tragedy: How long will it take to leave your home and stay at the hotel? When will the residents of Baubazar be able to return?

Sahnik Ghosh, Kolkata: “After the catastrophe of 2019, they said they would repair it, but no work was done to repair it. Now the situation is that the house could collapse at any time,” said Sahu, a resident of 19 Durga Pituri Lane, expressing anger against Metro.

About 14-15 families live at this address. They left home about 60 hours ago. The cracks that were then quite small, the condition of each is now dire.

The ceiling, the floor, the walls are almost divided. All the houses are flooded with rain water. Cowry square ceilings have been temporarily supported using hydraulic support systems.

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Residents come to their house once a day to get help. Seeing the condition of the house, tears are not flowing. On Saturday afternoon, KMRCL officials toured the area. He calculated the amount of damage to the houses.

People who came to the house to pick up things were told, “Stay at the hotel for a while. We will fix the house, then come back.” But the residents are unhappy. Everyone is terrified to see such a situation after 2019.

Residents say that if the situation in the house improves like before, major accidents will happen at any time. No one wants to take the risk of staying in this house with family.

AK Nandi, General Manager, KMRCL, accompanied by local councilor Vishwaroop Deke, visited the houses on Saturday afternoon. Residents staying at the hotel also come home at this time.

AK Nandi talked to the locals about various issues including hotel services. When locals complained to him about the service, he said, “We are paying the hotels. If you have any complaints, please let us know. We will take action.”

AK Nandi also said that people would be on their side at the temporary counter in front of Durga Pituri Lane from Monday to listen to the problems of the locals. However, despite speaking on behalf of KMRCA, the locals are still not happy with their role.

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Residents claim that if the house is not fixed properly, they will not return to the address of Durga Pituri Lane. Because the risk of major accidents in the future will remain.

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