#Kolkata: The name of the place is Sonapatti. Gold jewelery is made in several houses at Durga Pituri Lane in Boo Bazar. Lots of craftsmen associated with this industry. On the 11th, the old memory was revived and cracks appeared in some new houses. The administration was asked to evacuate the area immediately. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You have to go out with whatever you have at hand. Even after entering the house more than once, it was not possible to rescue everything. And as a result, the goldsmiths are in the most trouble. Because it was not possible for them to bring out the whole gold. As a result, there is still a lot of gold in those houses. Due to security reasons it is not possible to rescue.

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Goldsmith Tapan Jana said, “When the administration announced to leave the house, we had to leave without thinking of anything to save our lives. Later, when we got a chance to enter, some gold was brought out. It was virtually impossible to get all the parts out. At first we wanted to save lives, but then it seemed that the gold had to be explained to the owner. I do not know what to do.

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Laxman Naik, another artisan from Sonapatti, said, “Our business is based on trust. Failure to return the gold will hurt that credibility. It will be difficult to get a job. So even if the land is sold, the gold has to be paid.” Jiten Pal, a gold trader, said: “There is a lot of gold in those houses. There was a lot of gold in the rubble when there were such incidents before. There was a lot of damage to the artisans. Then there was the lockdown. Gold has to be explained. No one will listen. So there is a new pressure on the goldsmiths.

However, the councilor of the area assured to help the people of the area in all possible ways. On the other hand, BJP representatives went to check the situation on Friday. They have promised to be by the side of the residents of the area and the people associated with the gold industry.


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