Bratya Basu | Subrata Mukherjee: ‘Qualified Minister’ Bratya Basu has been given a certificate. Why?

#Kolkata: Bratya Basu is described as a “worthy minister” by Subrata Mukherjee, a veteran politician and minister. Teacher’s Day official program stage. In virtual mode all the districts of the state then the star ceremony of the multiplier. Presenters are Education Secretary Manish Jain and Bratya Basu and Shobhandev Chatterjee with veteran Subrata Mukherjee on the neat domestic stage. Perth Chatterjee, Minister of State for Industries of the United Kingdom through Virtual. The running frame of the development building thanks to the internet is the mobile phone captive of countless students, teachers, professors and professors of the state. As soon as he got up to say a few words about his seniority, a huge certificate about Bratya Basu came out of Subrata Mukherjee’s throat.

There are panchayats, education, agriculture and virtual industries across the ministry. Politician Subrata Mukherjee, who was burnt to death, said that the education minister is a worthy minister. Leaving Bratya Basu next to this certificate. Why is the Minister of Education suddenly wrapped in such praise? During that period, the practice of “poisoning” movement outside the education department has started in the state. SSK, MSK, the arrow of the contract-based teachers ’movement towards the Department of Education. The High Court itself has questioned some of the appointment recommendations of the Primary Board, School Service Commission. Who doesn’t like such a qualified minister’s certificate at that time!

As soon as the Minister of Education starts to say, it is time to give it back. Bratya Basu said, Subrata Mukherjee with respect. Pithachaparani Subrata and Bratya’s seat of respect. Subrata Mukherjee goes on to say, “Bratya Basu is a man who is always engaged in studies, drama, culture, so he is a worthy Minister of Education.”

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On Teacher’s Day, it is like an infallible pull of sir and student. The best can be brought out only if there is respect and love for one’s work. Such a lesson may have been given by the ministers of two important departments of the state on this day. The names of the schools and teachers were coming up again and again in the mind-blowing performance. On this day, 61 teachers and professors of the state were honored with Shiksha Ratna for the current academic year. Of these, 2 are madrasa teachers and 21 are college university professors. A total of 11 schools received the award for the best school. Education Minister Bratya Basu said that the recruitment process is being taken forward following the advice of the High Court. A grievance cell has been set up to report the allegations. He has appealed not to agitate to stop the recruitment process.

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