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Bratya Basu | Utsashree: writes an open letter to all teachers on Utsashree portal in West Bengal


#Kolkata: This time, Education Minister Bratya Basu wrote an open letter with the message of standing by the teachers of the state. Although the letter was written on Teachers’ Day, the state school education department directed teachers in the state to provide a copy of the letter by 3pm on Tuesday. According to the school education department, the headmaster has been asked to provide a copy of the letter through the district school inspector. Sources said that all the teachers (Bratya Basu | Utsashree) have been instructed to submit a report on whether a copy of the letter has reached them.

Originally written by Education Minister Bratya Basu, the Utsashree portal has been mentioned for the transfer of teachers. Besides, the letter reminded that the state is by the side of the teachers of the state in all kinds of matters.

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Education Minister Bratya Basu wrote in his letter, “As you know, the West Bengal government has made great strides in education over the last 10 years. 2,600 schools have been upgraded from secondary to higher secondary level. .4%. Regular monthly salaries and allowances of teachers and students have been ensured since 2011. Information about their employment has been computerized in ioms portal. Through this portal they are getting various employment related services online. Introducing online pension system for teachers. Hon’ble Chief Minister Continuous Inspiration and Advice The online transfer portal Utsashree was launched on 31st July to facilitate your transfer. A team of twenty skilled officers has been appointed to oversee the content of the online portal. Today is the full day of Teacher’s Day. I seek your help and cooperation to make it happen. You will know for sure that we are always by your side. “

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In less than a month, more than 2,000 teachers have been transferred through the Utsashree portal. Applications for the transfer of another 5,000 teachers are being considered by the School Service Commission. In that case, in the middle of this month, the transfer application of several thousand more teachers is going to be approved, according to the school education department. And so this time using this online portal as a tool for teacher transfer applications, the message of being by the side of the state teachers was given by the Education Minister Bratya Basu himself. However, like many others, there have been repeated protests in recent times against teachers on a number of issues, ranging from teacher recruitment to contract teachers. In front of Bikash Bhaban, some contract teachers have been poisoned recently. The state school education department is a little uncomfortable. Due to this, the Education Minister Bratya Basu wrote an open letter to the teachers to get the morale of the teachers.

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