#Kolkata: The state has a record profit from the sale of liquor on the weekends. Liquor Sale Huring Holi Weekend Creates Record was sold for Rs 200 crore from Thursday to Sunday. If we calculate, it can be seen that an average of 50 crore taka of liquor is sold every day. Although the shop was not sold as it was closed till the afternoon on the day of the swing, a record sale of liquor was made on Thursday. The excise department claims that the sales are much higher this time than last time. The highest sales were on Thursday, according to the excise department. Sales on this day have exceeded Rs 60 crore. The most sold domestic wine! After that, foreign whiskey (Liquor Sale Huring Holi Weekend Creates Record) was sold.

This year, during the New Year, even after that, for nine days in a row, 60 to 75 crore rupees worth of liquor was sold daily in the entire state. But from Christmas to New Year, the state has surpassed that record in liquor sales. Every day, liquor worth around Rs 60-65 crore is sold from bars or restaurants in the entire state. This is not the end, the entire state has sold liquor worth Rs 650 crore this time. In just nine days this record goth kingdom!

Somraj Bandopadhyay

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