Kolkata: There is no chance of rain in Kolkata till April 26. Breathing in April. Kolkata is challenging Jaisalam. Will April 22 break the record of 2018? There is a lot of speculation about it now (Kolkata Weather Update).

The poet says, “April is the cruelest month …” And that is what the people of Calcutta are feeling now. No rain. Sore throat in scorching heat. Every April the eyes are red and hot. But this time the eyebrows are much higher. After 2016, Kolkata will breathe again in April. Not only Kolkata but 6 districts of the south are burning with intense heat.

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In April 2017, the temperature in Kolkata crossed 41 degrees Celsius. Even in April 2021, the temperature in Kolkata hovered around 40 degrees. Sunday is the hottest day of the season in Kolkata. The maximum temperature reaches 39.6 degrees Celsius. Which is four degrees higher than normal.

The situation is such that East Kolkata is challenging Jaisalam in the West in April.

The maximum temperature in Jaisalmer on Monday was 43 degrees Celsius. There are forty touches in Calcutta.

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No rain is forecast for the next three or four days. Strong speculation, April 22 will break the record of sixteen? But why najehala April? Experts say the north-westerly winds have been declining since March The south-easterly winds continue to increase In this Pubali air, water vapor enters the state from the sea Which forms thunderstorms in the Chhotanagpur Plateau area of ​​Bihar-Jharkhand. That cloud gradually came towards Bengal and caused pre-monsoon rains in the state Due to this, a situation like hailstorm is created tomorrow But this time Pubali Hawa 6 disappeared from March

Instead of being southeast, southwesterly winds are blowing in the state As the north-west and south-west winds are dry, the state of suffocation is 6 in April Apart from that, high pressure zone is formed in the Bay of Bengal as the north-westerly winds decrease from March. This time the situation was not seen On the contrary, high pressure zones are being created in the vicinity of Port Blair due to strong north-westerly winds.

Water vapor from that hypertension zone is raining over northeastern Indian state over Bangladesh. The southern part of Bengal is being deprived.

There is no rain in Kolkata and adjoining areas for about 55 days. Experts are not only dismissing the local reasons behind this, but also the possibility of global warming.

The sun has been rising in the sky since morning. It is very hot outside. There is no forecast of rain, on the contrary, the heat will increase further, the weather office said. Therefore, experts advise to be careful.

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