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BSF: State-Governor clash again over BSF limit increase! The grassroots is booming


#Kolkata: The state-governor clash came to the fore again in the assembly over the anti-center motion against the BSF extension and the notice of breach of liberty against two investigating officers of CBI and ED.

Incidentally, on November 18, the state government moved a resolution in the assembly protesting the decision to increase the BSF limit from 15 km to 50 km. Introducing the proposal, Parliamentary Minister Perth Chatterjee said, “The decision of the BSF to increase the limit is in fact the intervention of the Center in matters like law and order in the state.

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The ruling party also proposed in the assembly that the Centre’s decision be a blow to the country’s federal power. However, the BJP has opposed the grassroots proposal. In the end, this anti-center proposal was passed by the majority in the assembly However, opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari scoffed at the proposal, saying “there is no legal validity to this proposal. Even if it is passed, it is irrelevant.”

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Instead, to welcome the Centre’s decision, the BJP visited the BSF office yesterday and presented the soldiers with ‘Padma flowers’. After that, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar fired cannons against the state in an administrative way. Governor Dhankhar tweeted a copy of the letter sent to the assembly yesterday. In the letter addressed to the Legislative Assembly Secretariat, the Governor sought a detailed explanation of the resolution recently passed in the Assembly and the breach of privilege notice taken against two officials of the Central Investigation Agency.

The Legislative Assembly will have to send a detailed report on these two issues to Raj Bhavan within the next 7 days. The governor did not stop at just saying that in his letter. In the past, Dhankhar has complained that despite receiving reports on several such issues from the Legislative Assembly, he has not received a good response, and the governor has warned that this time it should not be repeated.

However, the state does not want to address the governor’s allegations. In reply to the Governor’s letter, Parliamentary Minister Perth Chatterjee said, “The Governor is obstructing everything in the Assembly. It is not right.” On the other hand, Assembly Speaker Biman Bandopadhyay said, The governor’s accusation of not sending is not true. ” An official of the Legislative Assembly Secretariat said, “Earlier, he asked for a detailed report of the state bill on the issue of intrusion. He could not be satisfied with the report sent in the first phase, but for the second time, the Legislative Assembly sent all the reports as per his demand.”

In this context, CPIM leader Rabin Dev said, “Several anti-center proposals have been passed in the assembly during the last 34 years of the Left government on various issues including deprivation of the center, obstruction of industrial establishment, deregulation, interference in the federal structure.” As a result, the governor cannot oppose such a proposal on the policy side. ‘

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