Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Metro cracked again as soon as work started. Cracks have been found in several houses in Durga Pituri Lane in Boubazar. The roof is falling off. The plaster on the wall is falling off. There are even cracks in the floor. Such is the complaint of the residents of several houses in Durga Pituri Lane at Bowbazar.

Durga Pituri Lane is one of the oldest places in Boubazar. The history of Calcutta says that in the past, horses used to drink water in this place. When horse-drawn trams were running in the city. Although there are some renovated houses in that lane, there are still many old houses here. Fear has been created in the minds of the residents of that house. Because Metro has caught new cracks for work. Cracks were also found in these houses in August 2019. Then of course all these residents were sent to the hotel. The crack was repaired. Again that crack has come back like that. Some new cracks have been seen. Despite the residents’ claims, the metro informed them that tunnel boring machines had been taken about 100 meters away from these houses. They are worried about why it cracked even after that.

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Mita Basak lives here. In 2012, he lost his son Riju. That’s why the boy’s memories are scattered all over the house. Books are piled up in the boy’s house. There are posters, CDs. The boy’s computer was broken and damaged. The book is soaked in water as the cracks in the roof are wide. Showing the cracks, he said, “They are engineers. Lives in the realm of concrete. They will not understand the pain of losing the memory of the mother who lost her child. But I will lose everything for my son because it will be a metro. ” But who will listen to the mother who lost her son? Question neighbors. As a result, the Basak couple is sitting in the cracked house with the memory of their son. The same allegation is made in Dutta’s house next to Basak’s house. This house was once known as the Doctor’s House. There are cracks in the walls, floor or roof of this house. Shovan Dutt, one of the partners in the house, says, “The floor has also become uneven. The rafters on the wall are falling off. There are even cracks in the floor. “

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Although Shovanbabu’s house is quite old. The house partner also admits that the house is not maintained properly. However, he asserted that the cracked tunnel had been reopened after the boring machine was turned on. “Residents are very concerned about this house. The house at 11 Chaitan Sen Lane is the best house in the area because it was renovated in September. They are worried about new cracks in the house. The owner of the house, Suklyan Dutt, says, “I have a renovated house, we take care of the house. The cracks in that house will really be a concern.” Aditya says, “I understand that the hair line is cracked. But water is leaking from the roof. I am very worried during the test.”

The people of Boubazar are thinking about such problems around this new crack. Metro officials did not notice the crack in Chaitan Sen Lane. However, KMRCL has sent a team to the whole incident. Although they do not think the cracks are dangerous, KMRCL wants to solve the problem quickly. The work has been stopped for now.

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