Buddhadeb Bhattacharjees Sister in Law: Abhishek Banerjee next to former Chief Minister’s sister-in-law! End of pension problem?

#Kolkata: For two years his place was the sidewalk of Dunlop. But as soon as his real identity came out, there was an uproar about him. He was taken to Lumbini Mental Hospital. Former Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s sister-in-law Ira Basu also changed the address at her own will. Within a few days of the Lumbini-bus, he pleaded, wanting to return to his workplace in Kharadha. Also express your desire in writing. After that, the former biology teacher of Kharadha Priyanath Girls’ School went to start her life at a new address. From there, Iradevi said, Abhishek Banerjee, the Trinamool’s all-India general secretary, sent some people to Lumbini to help him.

For the time being, Iradevi has taken shelter in the house of Sudip Roy of CPIM, the coordinator of Ward No. 5 of Panihati Municipality. Then you want to stay in a rented house. Want to live life on your own terms from the savings of your working life. But Iradebi will not solve the problem of pension? After returning from Lumbini, Abhishek Banerjee’s name came up in Iradevi’s face. “Abhishek Banerjee sent a few people to me,” he said. They took all the information from me. He also said that he will solve my pension problem quickly.

He then praised Abhishek Banerjee and said, “Abhishek Banerjee is a very big leader now. When he says, I will definitely get a pension.” Even a few days ago, Iradevi used to walk around the streets of Dunlop in torn clothes. The former teacher wants to return to normal life, she claimed. But he does not want to be dependent on anyone. I don’t want to go back to my home in Salt Lake. On the other hand, CPIM leader Sudip Roy has said that Iradebi’s current behavior is very normal. Iradebi’s own speech in front of the media is also very fluent and reasonable.

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Not only Abhishek Banerjee, but also Mamata Banerjee has come up in Iradevi’s face. He said that Mamata Banerjee is running the state, she does not want to embarrass a man who is always busy talking about his pension. At the same time, he said, the house in Salt Lake is named after him. But why not go back there? Iradebi claims, ‘If I had been at home in Salt Lake, my life would have been in doubt. I was also threatened with death. If I am on the road again of my own free will, I will not take any help from anyone. ‘ Finally, he said that he had no animosity towards his son-in-law Babu, former Chief Minister of the state Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s Sister in Law, or his sister Mira Bhattacharya.

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