Buddhadeb Bhattacharjees Sister in Law: Mental Hospital from Teacher to Footpath, Life of Ex-CM

# Belgharia: Until 24 hours ago, he was on the sidewalk. Dirty clothes, unclean looks will make you think, ‘beggar’. However, he was the one who picked up the English magazine in the morning. He would read the news carefully, he would know the details of the country and the world. People used to see him on the way during the day and say, ‘Look, my head is tangled without taking a bath …’, but he did not listen to unnecessary words. Instead, he concentrates on his ‘work’. The shop owners of the area used to give him food. What do you think, for free? No, the old woman used to pay the money. He didn’t care even if he played jhamata on his face. Did any of the Dunlop pedestrians realize that the old woman was none other than Ira Basu, the sister-in-law of the former Chief Minister of the state Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee?

Apparently, the impression of deep education can be clearly seen by seeing the mentally unbalanced old woman speaking English and Bengali. Why or why not, the lady herself was a one-time life science teacher at Kharadha Priyanath Girls School. Former Chief Minister of the state Buddhadeb Bhattacharya’s sister-in-law, Mira Bhattacharya’s sister, what is the result! Where the screenplay of the movie is round!

Ira Basu took refuge on the sidewalk with the mantra ‘I will fix my life’. Absolutely the life of a beggar on the way from the teacher! Where are the roots of this journey? The old woman does not want to open her mouth by herself. However, acquaintances said that the mental problem became a problem for the lady. Many say that at one time an old woman lived in Barahanagar. Then the place is on the sidewalk adjacent to Sealdah station. From there he moved to the sidewalk at Dunlop Junction. Everyone now knows her as ‘vagrant aunt’. Sometimes many people want to give a helping hand at home. But the feeling of self-respect is still strong in Iradevi’s mind. So how do you do it? He himself said that he has money deposited in the bank. Pick up when needed.

Krishnakali Chanda, the headmistress of the Priyanath girls’ school where she once taught, also said that Ira Basu was unmarried. She also spent several years at the home of the school’s headmistress. However, they do not have information about how Iradevi went in this life. Although he received money from the Provident Fund for his working life, he did not get the pension as he could not submit the required documents.

But the consequences of the former chief minister’s sister-in-law, CPIM leaders do not know? Manas Mukherjee, a former CPI (M) MLA from Kamarhati, said, “I have known him for many years. We have a good idea about his education, tastes, life. We also tried to bring him back to normal life. But I couldn’t. He himself did not want. Left leaders in the area said he had once been admitted to a mental hospital. But within a few days he disappeared from there.

Ira Basu, however, has no regrets about his own life. He does not want the anxiety of Buddha Babu or Meera Devi to be created for him. In a nutshell, the place he has reached today in the course of his life is his dearest, best debt. He does not want to hold the outside world accountable for this. However, the news about Ira Devi reached Barahanagar police station on Thursday. CPIM leaders also became enterprising once again. In the afternoon, police took Iradevi to Lumbini Park Mental Hospital. However, the CPIM leaders did not want to open their mouths on whether there would be a permanent solution in the future.

Is this the end of Ira Basu’s life – ‘cinema’, is mental hospital his last refuge? Who knows, who or when has been able to calculate the life that touches the ground from the sky!

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