Building collapsed in Ahiritola due to heavy rain | The area trembled with loud noises, screams were coming, screams! On the morning of the rain, a terrible incident took place in the heart of Kolkata …– News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Continuous rain (Kolkata Heavy Rain) has started from Tuesday evening. Wednesday continues. And a terrible accident happened in the heart of the city of Kolkata (Kolkata News). The old building collapsed again with a loud noise. The incident took place at 10 Ahiritola Street. Mother and child are stuck. Firefighters rushed to the spot and brought the situation under control.

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In the rain (Kolkata Heavy Rain) public life is disrupted all over Kolkata including South Bengal. Waterlogging in various places is already a terrible situation. An old house in Ahiritola, North Kolkata (Building Collapsed) collapsed at 7 am. A large part of the house collapsed in this way, causing a stir. The tension spread even more because a woman was stuck in the house with her child. The other members of the house came out but the woman could not come. However, after many attempts, the woman and her child were rescued.

According to local sources, this two-storey house is quite old. There has been no reform for a long time (Kolkata News). Several families live in this house. On Wednesday morning (Kolkata Heavy Rain) the house collapsed (Building Collapsed). The locals came running with a loud noise. Then they heard screams from inside the house. Then put your hands first. Later the news was given to the fire brigade and police.

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It was possible to rescue the trapped people from there. Upon receiving the news, the members of the disaster management office came. They rushed to the rescue and brought out the rest. However, it was not possible to remove the debris completely due to continuous rain. The injured were rescued and sent to a local hospital.

Rescuers estimate the house collapsed in the pouring rain. Earlier this month, an old house at Babulal Lane No. 1 in Barabazar collapsed. The house has four floors. But for a long time it was not reformed. The house was in danger of collapsing. It collapsed in the pouring rain. Earlier, an old house in Sealdah collapsed in June. The people of the area are worried about the demolition of one house after another across North Kolkata.

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