#Kolkata: Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021). Not only worship but the emotions of the whole of Bengal and Bengalis are involved with it. People have been waiting all year for Durga Pujo to come! Fatigue of the whole year, everything that is not found, the mother’s face is washed away with the vision! The wind of peace blows in my mind.

Hyacinth flowers, covered sticks. Pujo’s songs, new clothes, bets, a bunch of memories are all involved. And once the path of remembrance is paved again, the Bengali mete becomes a festival (Durga puja 2021). As always, this year too, crowds of people have gathered at the Pujo Pandel since the third.

Although there are many precautions for corona (Durga puja 2021). Seeing the crowd of people, memes spread all over the social media. Criticism is also going on in pairs. But if you forget why, people want to be good! And that’s why it’s not that you don’t see all the fears in the air!

Pujo in Kolkata means something new every year. The biggest attraction of this year is Sreebhumi Pujo. This year’s theme of Sribhumi Sporting Club along VIP Road is the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa. As always, the pujo of Sribhumi Sporting Club, known as the pujo of Minister Sujit Basu, is packed with innovation and surprises.

Pujo’s entrepreneur Sujit Basu’s plan is Burj Khalifa. With the tallest building, sophisticated lighting and Durga ornaments, once again the most beloved of the worshipers is Sribhumi Sporting (Burj Khalifa).

On the evening of the 6th, he also captured a picture of human excitement. Who doesn’t want to see Burj Khalifa in front of their eyes! After flying from Dubai, Burj Khalifa’s posara is sitting in the heart of Kolkata. Not if he doesn’t see it once.

Face mask. Thousands of people have reached Burj Khalifa. Not a crowd of people, this is absolutely a mass stream. People have left in the sixth. Because if you don’t see it after that, get out of that thought. More and more people are coming to see Thakur than ever before. However, there are still four days left for Pujo. In those days the crowd will increase but not decrease!

But not just Sribhumi. The same picture has been taken in Suruchi Sangha, Chetla Agrani and Shobhabajar Rajbari. Many people are coming there too. The pujo of Shobhabazar Rajbari has always found a special place in people’s minds. There are many histories and traditions involved. Forgetting all thoughts, people have risen to the joy of the festival. However, most people are running to Burj Khalifa.

Although many people are worried about the picture of this tide. But how long will people survive by suffocating the fear in the chest! In the last two years, there is only fear of death in people’s lives. In the midst of all the joy there is a panic in the mind. Only mother Durga can remove all fears in this way. Corona is being warned in all the pandals. Little by little, my mind is dying every day. And the only way to heal that dead mind is the face of Durga mother. The sound of drums!

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