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#Chandannagar: Burj Khalifa of Sribhumi doubled the joy of Durga Pujo. Even after Pujo but the city of Bund in Burj Khalifa. And that is why even on the evening of Vaifonta, the famous sweet shop of Chandannagar, Felu Modak (Burj Khalifa Sandesh) was made with the message of Burj Khalifa in Bangla Mata. This popular sweet shop has already set a precedent by building a giant Burj Khalifa SandeSH.

Felu Modak chief Amitabh Dey said the Burj Khalifa Sandesh was made with four to five kilograms of latex. And that sweet has gained so much popularity that even in the evening of Vaifonta, crowds have gathered at Felu Modak’s shop to taste Burj Khalifa.

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Amitabh said, ‘We always make new types of sweets. We made sweets in the form of Duronto Express. Rabindranath’s model was made. Models are also made when players come from outside. Pel,, Maradona was also modeled. This time Burj Khalifa was made.

It is learned that Felu Modak first made the message after receiving a special order. Amitabh said, ‘Burj Khalifa of Sribhumi became so popular that you had to make that sweet. It takes two days to make that sweet with about five to six kilos of milk.

In the words of the captain, ‘Sweets of this size are not sold that way. That’s why the price was not dropped that way. The Burj Khalifa has caused a stir in Calcutta. And the order came on it, that’s why it was made. However, its price is approximately seven thousand rupees. The handiwork is big. Because, this sweet is not molded. As a result, you have to make sweets by looking at the pictures. The sweetness is high enough. Attempts have been made to highlight the Burj Khalifa in Sribhumi. Some food coloring has been used. Chocolate, blueberry color and flavor have been used.

In Kali Puja, however, this sweet has been sold at a small price of Rs 50. Amitabh’s addition, ‘The front of the Burj Khalifa is made of glass. It is no longer possible to do that in sweets, that is why a structure has been made at the back. The Burj Khalifa has been erected on the structure of about two and a half to three feet. You can see the Burj Khalifa from above. “

And that’s what makes people even more excited about this sweet. If anyone wants to order after Vaifonta? In reply, Amitabh Dey said, ‘Orders will be taken. In that case, we are thinking of reducing the price a little more.

After installing shelves in Vijay season, Felu Modak has also installed Burj Khalifa Sandesh in Vaifonta. Amitabh said, ‘We are also trying to make this sweet in Vaifonta. Which was within 50 rupees. The sisters were able to give this message to their brother. He said that in the case of Vaifonta Special Burj Khalifa, sweet lovers got four or five flavors. This message is sold in multiple flavors like chocolate, strawberry, mango, pasta.

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